Nova tech

Novatech is a Hampshire-based technology company that makes computers for our customers' individual needs.
We give our customers all the technology, software and support that they need from one trustworthy source.

We build our own desktops, laptops and servers for home, for school, the office and far beyond. That is what we call worry free computing. Over 200 people work at Novatech and every one of them is involved in giving our customers amazing machines, each with the power to do remarkable things. We build computers capable of everything from school work to 3D rendering and from share trading to sports car tuning. Novatech machines edited an Oscar winning film and helped process the data that cracked complex genetic codes. Just tell us what you need to do and if we don't have a machine that will do it, ready and waiting, we will build one - usually for much less than you'd expect.
Over seven thousand of the UK's leading businesses and education establishments trust Novatech technology and service.

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